Bien Ho Lake

Bien Ho is located in Bien Ho commune, to the North of Gia Lai Province and 7 km from Pleiku City. This oval-shaped lake used to be a volcanic crater that erupted millions of years ago. It covers an area of about 240 ha. The road to Bien Ho is through a green canopy of pine trees and brightly full of wild sunflowers. Bien Ho consists of 2 big lakes, one is in the South namely Tơ Nưng or Bien Ho’s Water Area and the other is in the North namely Bien Ho’s Tea field which includes Buu Minh Pagoda and a tea farm, both of which irresistibly attract the local people. This is undeniably an ideal destination for those who are looking for peacefulness



Pine forests along the sides of the road.



Peaceful landscape.

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